The purpose of the SSAC web-site and flyer is to provide the Quick Facts.
Neither the flyer nor the web-site is intended to provide an in-depth analysis. 
This has already been done and published by numerous official and reliable sources and, widely available on the internet. 
The statements we've made are well known, well documented facts. 
This is The Scarborough Subway Petition
For your interest, we list some of SSAC’s reference sources:

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0. Scarborough Subway - Big Bend Option - Oct 28th, 2016

1. Sheppard Subway Development and Financing Study Jan 27, 2012

2. Sheppard Corridor Toronto City Planning Expert Panel Report- Feb 24, 2012

3. Sheppard Subway Extension Economic & Fiscal Management

4. List of Councillors who voted  against the subways March 22, 2012

5.  Six of Toronto’s 10 most congested intersections and sections of road are located on Sheppard Ave. May 8, 2013 - Map

6.  Toronto’s preference for subways has barely wavered in two years -Toronto Star Article  and Forum poll - February 12, 2014

7. Light-rail on the road to nowhere
 KPMG Funding Options for Sheppard Subway Extension

8.Cost of Congestion (CD Howe)

9.Analysis of Toronto's Subways

10. Network Analysis of Subways

11. Cities World Wide
Hong Kong
London, UK
New York
San Paolo, Brazil